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Efectiv Nutrition The Edge Pre-Workout 300g

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Efectiv Nutrition
Product Information

Introducing Efectiv Nutrition's The Edge Pre-Workout, the ultimate companion for anyone seeking to maximize their workout potential. With its powerful blend of carefully selected ingredients, The Edge Pre-Workout is designed to enhance your performance, boost energy levels, and unleash your full potential in the gym.

Each 300g tub of The Edge Pre-Workout is packed with a scientifically formulated blend of high-quality ingredients, providing you with the perfect pre-workout fuel to power through even the most intense training sessions. The product has been developed by experts in sports nutrition, ensuring that you receive the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

The Edge Pre-Workout features a potent combination of ingredients that work synergistically to deliver exceptional results. With a precise blend of energizing compounds, including caffeine, taurine, and beta-alanine, it provides a surge of energy and focus to help you push past your limits. This unique formula not only increases energy levels but also enhances mental alertness, allowing you to maintain peak performance throughout your workout.

One standout feature of The Edge Pre-Workout is its advanced muscle pump matrix. This proprietary blend includes ingredients like citrulline malate and arginine, which promote improved blood flow, leading to increased nutrient delivery and muscle oxygenation. This results in an incredible muscle pump, enhancing both strength and endurance, while also supporting muscle recovery and growth.

Additionally, The Edge Pre-Workout contains vital electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium, which help maintain proper hydration levels during intense training. Staying hydrated is essential for optimal performance, and this product ensures you have the necessary electrolyte balance to prevent dehydration and muscle cramps.

The Edge Pre-Workout is easy to mix and comes in a delicious range of flavours, making it a pleasure to consume before your workout. Whether you prefer a refreshing fruit burst or a tantalizing tropical twist, there's a flavour to suit every taste.

With Efectiv Nutrition's The Edge Pre-Workout, you can take your workouts to the next level. Experience increased energy, enhanced focus, and improved muscle performance with this premium pre-workout formula. Get ready to unlock your full potential and achieve new heights in your fitness journey.

Nutritional Information

Container Size: 300g Serving Size: 1 Scoop (12g) Amount Per Serving: Protein: 0g Carbohydrates: 3.4g Fat: 0g Salt: 0g

Ingredients: Beta Alanine, Maltodextrin, BetaPower Betaine, Acidity Regulator (Citric acid), Dextrose, Flavouring, L- Tyrosine, Caffeine Anhydrous Powder, Sweetener (Sucralose), Dynamine, Natural Colour (Beetroot Red, TeaCrine Pure, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl).

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.