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Dedicated Nutrition Re-Grow 90 Caps

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Dedicated Nutrition
Product Information

RE-GROW is the ultimate natural sleep and recovery support product. Eat, train, sleep, repeat! Of these 3 pillars sleep is often neglected, resulting in less muscle growth and slower recovery. RE-GROW's ingredients all designed to work together in perfect synergy towards relaxation, deep sleep and optimal recovery. Optimal recovery is vital for maximal performance, but unfortunately often neglected. Try RE-GROW to add the final piece of the 'growth' puzzle

Nutritional Information

Container Size: 90 Capsules Serving Size: 1 Capsule Servings Per Container: 90 Amount Per Serving: Aswaghanda (KSM66): 150MG Valerian Root Extract (standardized to 0.8% Valeric Acid): 140mg Velvet Bean (Full Spectrum Extract): 125MG Coriandrum Sativum Extract (standardized to 20% Lianool): 75MG Matricaria Chamomilla (20:1 Extract): 60mg Magnolia Grandiflora Extract: 50MG Griffonia Simplicifolia (standardized for 40% 5-HTP): 50MG Ganoderma Lucidium (20:1 Extract): 25MG Croocus Sativus Extract (standardized to 0.8% Crocin): 10MG Black Pepper Extract (standardized to 95% Piperine): 2.5MG Melatonin: 1mg Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Sunset Yellow (E110), Ponceau 4R (E124), Brilliant Blue (E133)