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Atlas Superweight Gainer 1500 5kg

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Product Information

Atlas Superweight Gainer 1500 has been a trusted choice among power athletes and bodybuilders for over 25 years. Two servings per day provide an additional 1,500 calories, including over 105 grams of high-quality protein and 162 grams of carbohydrates.

A unique four-phase protein blend delivers a combination of fast-, medium-, and slow-release amino acids into the bloodstream to support protein synthesis. This ensures that your muscles have a constant supply of the amino acids they need to grow and repair.

Atlas Superweight Gainer 1500 is also fortified with creatine and glutamine, two essential nutrients that support muscle growth, performance, and recovery.

Nutritional Information

Container Size: 5kg Serving Size: 150g Amount Per Serving: Protein: 105g Carbohydrates: 162g Fat: 6.3g Salt: 2.9g

Ingredients: Milk Protein blend, Protein concentrate, micellar casein, soya protein isolate, stabilised carbohydrate blend(activated barley, fine ground oats, maltodextrin),creatine monohydrate, l-glutamine, avena stevia, arginine alpha ketoglutarate calcium, ZMA vitamin and mineral mix (Zinc, B6),flavouring vit D3,colour

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