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Adapt Nutrition Createc 1500 - 120 capsules

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Adapt Nutrition
Product Information

World's first State of the Art Creatine HCl Creatine Magnapower Blend. Nobody wants to be wasting their time weighing, mixing and loading their Creatine. Forget the dated methods and get the results in the gym quicker with Adapt Nutrition's CreaTec 1500 – the world's first Creatine HCL & Creatine Magnapower blend.

It is conveniently available in capsule form so you can experience more efficient and explosive effects, without the need to take multiple products. This isn't your average Creatine Monohydrate powder, the Creatine HCL in CreaTec 1500 may be absorbed more effectively. Creatine Magnapower (Creatine magnesium chelate) is the other form of Creatine in CreaTec 1500.

This is pure Creatine bonded to pure Magnesium. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. It is essential for good health, and contributes to normal protein synthesis and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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